Deep IV Sedation

Deep IV sedation is done in our office.  It is a drug given intravenously that is  administered and monitored by a board certified dental anesthesiologist.  This places the child in deep sedation. Your child will most likely remember nothing after the dental work.  The dental procedures are then preformed by our board certified pediatric specialist. This is not a routine practice, but rather something discussed with parents by the specialist as a treatment option only when necessary.  It is also more comfortable, affordable and convenient for families than hospital dentistry.

When using this option, know that safety is a priority for our practitioners. The patient will be monitored the entire procedure by the dental anesthesiologist and the dentist. The medication used is modern, safe and can be easily controlled and reversed if necessary. Before and after this procedure, you will be given particular instructions for preparation prior to the IV sedation and aftercare guidelines for the patient.

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